About us

Advantage consultants a global collaboration of six
independent consultancy company owners

WE are a collaboration of six independent consultancy company owners with extensive experience and expertise who have decided to come together to provide a more comprehensive menu of business solutions. We are based in Austria, Denmark, Portugal, and the United Kingdom and undertake projects on every continent.

WE believe strongly that no consultancy business can honestly provide the full range of business solutions to a truly global industry without diluting the quality of service. Advantage Consultants is committed to offering prospective clients professional services that the six business owners provide personally either on an individual basis or working in a small group.

WE continue to run our independent businesses alongside creating and operating Advantage Consultants.

WE are a collaboration that is principally focussed on helping destinations, venues, individuals and event companies improve their business positioning in markets to generate more business. We work with public sector organisations and commercial companies as this draws on the breadth of our widespread international business experience. Members of the team have worked on every continent and conducted business in over 80 countries.

What we do Our services


The overall strategy, business development and/or marketing plans required to drive business demand to a city, a country or region


The overall strategy, business development and/or marketing plans to help drive business demand for an individual venue or venue group


The solutions for creating a successful B2B event from concept to delivery


Helping companies to reengineer their structure, to create business strategies and to implement the business plans to deliver the strategy


The creation and implementation of human resource development, training and professional education programmes


We all provide individual development programmes through 1to1 coaching and mentoring

Where our services do not align with a brief we will help you find a company that can help you.
How we do it

We make certain we understand your brief so we can decide which of the six principal consultants should lead and be involved-the decision is yours to confirm

We visit and meet with you as we believe to simply undertake a project remote from the client cannot deliver an optimum result-we will if necessary make an initial exploratory visit at our expense to ensure we understand your requirements

We can and will draw upon vigorous and up to date industry research and case studies to underpin our advice and recommendations

We present our recommendations face to face in order to enable clients to ask in-depth questions and seek any clarification necessary

Where we do it

we are truly global

We have worked in over 80 countries and on all the continents –but not Antarctica


We are currently working on projects in/for Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Malta, UK, Denmark, Portugal, Macau, Cape Verde, Sweden, Colombia, Belgium, Austria, and Vietnam to name just a few


We have recently participated or are providing education programmes and sessions in Georgia, Ecuador, Sweden, China, Lithuania, The Ukraine, Faroe Islands, Spain, USA


We attend many of the world’s leading industry showcases including IMEX, The Meetings Show, ICCA Congress, EMEC, Meetings Africa, Convene, AIME to name just a few